Tootekood: G48025WSH
EAN: 9007371417124
Kesklaos: 50
Ceiling light, metal white matt, plastic wood look, acrylic opal, compatible with Smart Home and Alexa, memory function, night light, sparkle decor, dimmable, remote control, color changer, colors can be fixed, incl. 2 x AAA, LxWxH: 485x485x60, incl.1xLED 24W 230V, 2400lm source, 1300lm output, CCT 2,700-6,000
Kataloogi leht 20
Energiaklass E
Seeria ULLY
Pesa tüüp LED
Valgusallikate arv 1
Võimsus, max. W 24
Toote kaal [kg] 0,68
Pakki kaal [kg] 0,88
Sarnased tooted

Ceiling fan nickel matt, glass opal, MDF, beech / beige leaves, 2 directions of rotation, pull switch, A: 780, H: 350, excl. 1xE14 60W 230V

Tootekood: G3301 ,   EAN: 9007371388233 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 84145100
LED Lamp nickel matt, glass translucent, A:35, H:98, incl. 2xE14 LED 4W 230V, 400lm Source, 400lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G10583-2K ,   EAN: 9007371350988 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 85395000
Ceiling Light aluminium die-cast nickel matt, acrylic opal, suitable for dimming, LxWxH:145x145x26, incl. 1xLED 15W 230V, 1650lm Source, 1350lm Output, 4000K
Tootekood: G12367-15 ,   EAN: 9007371383641 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 94051098
Ceiling Light metal white, acrylic, textile grey, A:400, H:105, incl. 1xLED 24W 24V, 2200lm Source, 1120lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G15185D2 ,   EAN: 9007371340538 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 94051098
Pendant nickel matt, plastic, textile golden, acrylic satinized, incl. mounting, shade´s height 20cm, A:400, H:1400, excl. 1xE27 60W 230V
Tootekood: G15187H ,   EAN: 9007371315420 ,   Kesklaos: 42 ,   Customs_code: 94051091