41755-36B LEANARA

Tootekood: G41755-36B
EAN: 9007371402564
Kesklaos: 30
Ceiling light, metal black matt, plastic opal, acrylic crystals clear, with RGB backlight, memory function, night light, dimmable, remote control, color changer, colors can be fixed, LxWxH: 550x550x105, incl.1xLED 36W 230V, 2880lm source, 1800lm output, 1xRGB LED 6W 230V, CCT 3000-6,000
Energiaklass G
Pesa tüüp LED
Valgusallikate arv 1
Võimsus, max. W 36
Toote kaal [kg] 0,75
Pakki kaal [kg] 0,88
Sarnased tooted

Fan 3 speeds, right-left rotation, pull switch, A:760, H:280, excl. 1xE27 60W 230V

Tootekood: G307W ,   EAN: 9007371325733 ,   Kesklaos: 0 ,   Customs_code: 84145100
LED bulb, metal silver-colored, clear glass, E14 filament canCeiling light,e, in a cardboard box - no blister, Ø35, H: 98, include 1xE14 LED 4W 230V, 400lm source, 400lm output, 3000K
Tootekood: G10583K ,   EAN: 9007371387380 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 85395000

LED Lamp translucent, A:125, H:175, incl. 1xE27 LED 10W 230V, 1000lm Source, 1000lm Output, 3000K

Tootekood: G10586 ,   EAN: 9007371331352 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 85395000
LED Lamp aluminium, plastic opal, Candle, packed in a cloured carton, not a blister, A:37, H:100, incl. 1xE14 LED 3W 230V, 250lm Source, 250lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G10604 ,   EAN: 9007371336517 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 85395000
LED Lamp ceramics, opal, A:37, H:100, incl. 1xE14 LED 5W 230V, 400lm Source, 400lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G10640 ,   EAN: 9007371289608 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 85395000