32112 VRANOS

Tootekood: G32112
EAN: 9007371174379
Kesklaos: 50
Outdoor Light aluminium silver metallic, glass opal, IP44, A:240, H:65, excl. 2xE27 ILLU 40W 230V
Materjal ja Värv Alumiinium hõbe metallik
Pesa tüüp E27 ILLU
Valgusallikate arv 2
Võimsus, max. W 40
Toote kõrgus [mm] 65
Toote läbimõõt [mm] 240
Toote kaal [kg] 0,82
Pakki kõrgus [mm] 560
Pakki laius [mm] 385
Pakki pikkus [mm] 290
Pakki kaal [kg] 1,04
Sarnased tooted
Outdoor Light aluminium black gold patinated, glass satinized, A:290, H:120, excl. 1xE27 60W 230V
Tootekood: G31213 ,   EAN: 9007371172757 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 94051091
Outdoor Light stainless steel, plastic opal, IP44, LxWxH:102x155x240, OH:155, excl. 1xE27 60W 230V
Tootekood: G32014 ,   EAN: 9007371197637 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 94051091
Outdoor Light plastic silver, plastic opal white, IP54, A:330, H:56, incl. 1xLED 24W 230V, 2500lm Source, 1900lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G32118-24 ,   EAN: 9007371356867 ,   Kesklaos: 31 ,   Customs_code: 94051040
Outdoor light, aluminum anthracite, plastic opal white, lights up and down, mobile app. and voice control, dimmable, IP44, color changer, colors fixable, WxH: 110x90, AL: 140, incl. 1xRGBW LED 15W 230V, 920lm source, 650lm output, CCT 3000 -6500
Tootekood: G34173RGBSH ,   EAN: 9007371395675 ,   Kesklaos: 50 ,   Customs_code: 94051098
Outdoor Light stainless steel anthracite, plastic opal white, IP44, Sensor:90°, 2-8 Meter, H: max. 2,5m, WxH:95x145, OH:193, incl. 1xLED 9,5W 230V, 1000lm Source, 800lm Output, 3000K
Tootekood: G34186WS ,   EAN: 9007371381289 ,   Kesklaos: 20 ,   Customs_code: 94051098